I like writing, but I’ve spent most of my life writing about things that don’t particularly interest me. Finally, as I neared the age of 60, I decided to change that. I want to write about things that interest me.

What really interests me is beauty. So I’ve focused this blog on beautiful things. I could be writing about a formally beautiful object in a museum. But it could also be something sitting quietly on a shelf. Or it could be just a fleeting view that’s caught my eye, or a momentary splash of colour-on-colour at the turn of the road. Or it could be a piece of music I just heard. Or a piece of poetry. Or food. And I’m sure I’ve missed things.

But I’ll also write about interesting things that I hear or read about. Isn’t there a beauty about things pleasing to the mind?

I started just writing, but my wife quickly persuaded me to include photos. I tried it and I liked it. So my posts are now a mix of words and pictures, most of which I find on the internet.

What else about me? My wife and I currently live in Thailand, but when I first started this blog we lived in China, so I’ve written a lot about things Chinese. I suppose I will now write a lot about things Thai and South-East Asian more generally. But we lived in Austria for many years before moving to China, and anyway we both come from Europe – my wife is Italian while I’m half English, half French – so I often write about things European. We have two grown children, so they sometimes figure in my posts.  I’ll let my readers figure out more about me from my posts.

As these readers will discover, I really like trees. So I chose a tree – an apple tree, painted by the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt – as my gravatar. And I chose Abellio as my name because he is the Celtic God of the apple tree.

I hope you enjoy my posts.


Apple Tree I